A gambling program may become mandatory in Maryland schools

Gambling program may become mandatory in Maryland schools American Maryland state senator, Brian Simonaire, proposed to introduce gambling risks education into high school curriculum. The students are supposed to learn about the risks of gambling and addiction.woo casino login Thus, the senator wants to lower the level of gambling addiction among young people. If the bill finds the support of politicians, then from 2022 all schools in the state will have to develop a curriculum and introduce a new subject. However, we cannot say with certainty that this will happen, since a similar bill already failed last year. The argument for re-proposing the document was the fact that it now has the support of the Maryland Association of Education Ministries. On this topic A fight between a poker dealer and a punter in a Las Vegas casino Maryland is one of the smallest states, with six casinos.woo casino login australia And that has inevitably led to an increase in the number of gambling addicts. The state can't give up such income, but the author of the bill doesn't want to ignore the problem and offers a compromise. Gambling education is nothing new. Since September 2020 Britain introduced a compulsory subject in schools, after the authorities drew attention to the problem of child and teenage gambling addiction. At the time, GambleAware's CEO said that few teenagers are talked to about the risks of gambling.